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Pantheon Cultural Association


Pantheon Cultural Association

General Details

Address: Evagorou Avenue 40, Pantheon Building 2nd & 3rd Floor 1309

City: Nicosia

Telephone 1: +357 22 670843

Fax: +357 22 670843

Email: info@pantheonculture.org

URL: http://www.pantheonculture.org

The Pantheon Gallery was established in 1999 and ever since, has been heavily involved in the art scene of the island.

We predominantly focus on installations, videography, photography, freestanding sculpture, painting, drawing and works that are created now and that are of our time. We could say that temporality is the most essential criteria that is then followed by the medium.

The Pantheon Gallery is a place where critical and reflective work can be exhibited due to both its location and the context of previous works exposed. The aim is to create a space of discourse through visual means about today’s artwork.

An artist's acceptance within the gallery space is processed on a one to one, individual basis. Criterias of acceptance are based on the above as well as the concept/ research/experience/technique lying behind the work.

Pantheon Tritos is a hub, set on the floor above the gallery space, within an old apartment which has been transformed into a bar and is open on a event basis only. The third floor (TRITOS) is used predominantly as a music stage but is also used for other alternative events such as workshops, private parties, theme nights, book readings, book lauches and others.

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