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Soundscape Studios


General Details

14 Grigori Avxentiou, Souni

City: Limassol

P.O Box: 4717

Country: Cyprus

Tel.1: +35725717567

Email: info@soundscape-studios.com

URL: www.soundscape-studios.com

Soundscape Studios is a professional residential recording studio, situated on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Soundscape Studios offers a range of internationally acclaimed services, providing exceptional facilities for all audio applications. The studio covers all aspects of production, innovating and catering for the global scene. Soundscape Residential Studios is situated in the pine forest of Souni-Zanatzia, a village 20min from the coastal city of Limassol, Cyprus, creating the perfect atmosphere for any songwriter, composer, recording artist, musician, producer and even filmmaker. A 48-channel Solid State Logic recording console (SSL AWS 948) is the centrepiece of the control room and along with Protools HDX, provide the ideal creative environment for recording and mixing. The room’s unique shape, dimensions and treatments are specially designed for the best acoustic performance. The Control Room monitoring provides unparalleled audio quality and combined with the extensive selection of high-end outboard equipment, create the ideal mixing environment for any type of application. The Live Room is a 75m2, fully soundproofed and acoustically treated room, with variable acoustics. It ?can accommodate up to 20 musicians, making it ideal for all types of bands, small orchestral ensembles and choirs. Furthermore, the recording facility has other areas including: Swimming Pool (50m2), Grass Garden (150m2), Writing Room, Reception Area, Chill-out Lounge, Kitchenette, WC with shower, Accommodation up to 12 persons. This state-of-the-art facility, along with our creativity, experience, and technical knowledge ensures the best possible sound.

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