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Nicosia Schools Orchestra

Nicosia Schools Orchestra

General Details


City: Nicosia

Country: Cyprus

Email: evagoras-k@hotmail.com

? ?pa???a?? ????st?a S???e??? ?e???s?a? e??a? µ?a ?µ?da ????  µ??s???? ap? d?µ?s?a s???e?a t?? ?e???s?a?. ??µ?????????e t? 2003 ?a? te?e? ?p? t?? a???da t?? ?p????e??? ?a?de?a? ?a? ????t?sµ??. ?pe?????? ??a t? ?e?t?????a, t?? d???µ?? ?a? t? d?e????s? t?? e??a? ? ??a???a? ?a?a???????, ??pa?de?t????/???s????.

??sa ap? s??e?? µ??s??? pa???s?a ?a? ?s??s?, ? ??S? e?e?p?ste? ?a p??sf??e? ??s?ast???? µ??s???? eµpe???e? st??? µa??t??-µ??? t?? ?a??? ?a? ?a f??e? sta a???at???? t?? t? ???? s?µa?t???? ??p????, ??????? ?a? ????? s???et??.  

?? 2008 ? ??S? d?µ??????se t?? ???S???S ????????S, µ?a µ??s??? pe??d??ßas? se ?????t?te? ?a? ??µ??? t?? ??p???. ??e? d?se? p????? s??a???e? st?? ??p?? a??? pa???s??st??e ?a? st? e??te???? (Fest?ß?? Young Prague 2005 st?? ?se??a, ??e???? Fest?ß?? ??a ????st?e? ???? t?? Harrogate 2007 ?a? st? Neerpelt Youth Music Festival 2009.


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