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Diastasis Cultural Association

Diastasis Cultural Association

General Details

1, Gerasimou Markora Str.

City: Limassol

Zip Code: 3085

Country: Cyprus

Tel.1: +357 25 372855

Fax: +357 25 334383

Email: diastasis@primehome.com

URL: http://www.diastasis.org.cy

In 1984 their love for the arts, music, singing, poetry, dance, and their cultural unrest, pushed a group of people so many years ago to form a unique cultural group. A small choir and a small dancing team started a “small revolution”, a dynamic and pioneering intervention in the cultural happenings of our country.

A new dimension in aesthetics and presentation. A new dimension in choreography, phonetics and recitations. A new dimension in sets and directing. A new dimension in technological support, sound and light. A new dimension of talented amateurs that believed in their potentials. Challenging their hidden professionalism they dared to do things that no other group has done before in Cyprus.

One of the main elements in the impressive presence and evolution of Diastasis exists in its multiform relation with Cypriot, Greek and other foreign artists. Diastasis paid tributes to Chatzidakis, Theodorakis, Xarhakos, Tsitsanis and realized in packed theatres, productions like “Musical Moments”, that changed the way musical theatre grew in Cyprus. A turning point in the history of Diastasis, and more widely in the history of musical productions in Cyprus, is its collaborations with big orchestras, as the Presidential Orchestra of Russia, the orchestra of the “21st century of Moscow”, the eminent Ossipov Balalaika orchestra and the Oxford Symphonic Orchestra.

With this multisided cultural activity Diastasis escaped from the small borders of Cyprus, receiving so many positive and dithyrambic criticisms. Diastasis has appeared in the ancient Herodion theater, the Palace of Kremlin, the New Opera in Moscow, the “Hermitage”, the “Mussorsky” and the “Alexantrinski” theatres in Saint Petersburg, “Palais des Gongres” in Paris, “Palace” theatre in London, in theatres in Hamburg, Berlin, New York, Havana, Beirut.

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