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Yiannis Christofides

Yiannis Christofides

Born in Nicosia, Cyprus, Yiannis Christofides is a composer, sound artist and sound designer. Much of his work investigates our experience of place, through the use of field recordings as principal material. His interest in field recording lies in the contextual aspects of sound, and the trans-sensory experience that it affords, thus it often extends beyond the auditory, in order to take into consideration the interdependencies and interactions between different sensory faculties, the multitude of subjective interpretations, memories, and personal narratives associated with a particular soundfield, and its social and political context.

Passionate about sound and an avid listener, with a strong creative, theoretical and technical background in contemporary electronic art music, cultural studies and communication, Yiannis is fluent in computer-assisted music composition, sound editing, audio mixing, sound design and audio reproduction and diffusion for art installations, performance work, new media art, curatorial projects, and multimedia productions. Having an experience of over 8 years in interdisciplinary projects, Yiannis has collaborated with visual artists, film and theatre directors, educators, choreographers, writers, curators, designers and fellow musicians and sound artists.

Among others, his work has been presented at the wulf., Los Angeles (US), Circuit Bridges | Gallery MC, New York (US), Blindspot Initiative | Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles (US), The Royal Dockyard Church, Kent (UK), the Machine Project Field Guide to L.A. Architecture | Getty Pacific Standard Time, Los Angeles (US), Monte Vista Projects, Los Angeles (US), Metamatic: The Art Foundation, Athens (GR), The Ethnological Museum, Nicosia (CY), Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, London (UK), Performing Arts Centre for Excelence | De Montfort University, Leicester (UK), Crossing Listening Paths Conference | World Forum of Acoustic Ecology, Corfu (GR), Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (L A C E), Los Angeles (US), Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre (NiMAC), Nicosia (CY), the Kulturbrauerei, Berlin (DE), Cultural Centre "St. John Theologian", Stockholm (SE).

Further info: www.yiannischristofides.com


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First Name: Yiannis
Last Name: Christofides

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