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Concert: (Φ) Faos Ensemble (GR)

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Concert: (Φ) Faos Ensemble (GR)

Concert: (Φ) Faos Ensemble (GR)

Monday, November 5th, 8.30pm
Kastelliotissa Medieval Hall

(Φ) Faos ensemble is a collective quest initiated by the violinist Alexis Theofylaktos, composer Andreas Moustoukis and composer, pianist and musicologist Thanasis Trikoupis, shared among its other members subsequently.

Searching for new sound experiences that go beyond the rulings and institutionalization of contemporary music, Faos ensemble ambles beyond the established music repertoire, striving to create an unconventional ensemble, a carrier of new music which aspires to become the platform on which contemporary composers will find and co-create the sound experience of new vanguard music.

(Φ) Faos ensemble mission is to premiere and disseminate works by Cypriot and Greek composers.


βιολί / violin
Παναγιώτης ΣΙΩΡΑΣ / Panagiotis SIORAS
κλαρίνο / clarinet
Ζαχαρίας ΤΑΡΠΑΓΚΟΣ / Zacharias TARPAGKOS
φλάουτο / flute
Αστέριος ΠΟΥΦΤΗΣ / Asterios POUFTIS
τσέλο / cello
Παναγιώτης ΖΙΑΒΡΑΣ / Panagiotis ZIAVRAS
κρουστά / percussion
Αθανάσιος ΤΡΙΚΟΥΠΗΣ / Athanasios TRIKOUPIS
πιάνο / piano


Ευαγόρας Καραγιώργης: Τρωάδες, Σουίτα αρ.2 / Evagoras Karageorgis: Trojan women, suite No 2 (2018)
World Premiere
for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion

Χάρης Σοφοκλέους / Haris Sophocleous: Splash No.2 (2015)
for piano, violin and flute

Γιώργος Σταύρου: Αριθμός Φ / Georgios Stavrou: Number F (2018)
World Premiere
for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussions

Boris Filanovsky: We Can’t Perform It (2006)
an open rehearsal for piano trio with flute and clarinet

Jill Jarman: The spaces in between (2017)
for cello, winds, piano and percussion

Igor Mashukov: Quartet in Memory of Evgeny Pamfilov
for clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Ανδρέας Μουστούκης / Andreas Moustoukis: Tlon (2013)
for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

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